Managed IT Services minus the headache.

We offer tailored managed IT services, empowering businesses with the tools they need to focus on growth with confidence.

Tech Support

Friendly, local technicians. Remote or in person.

Hardware Management

We'll keep you online with just in time or managed inventory.

Enterprise Networking

Any network, anywhere. From design to implementation to maintenance.

Consulting & Design

Talk to us before your next big build. We'll keep it lean and compliant.

Strategic Alignment

We can help guide your technological strategy, at the cadence that suits you.

Continuing Education

We invest in your staff, too. Our educational modules help minimize incidents.

Customer-focused, Automation-driven

We automate as much as possible so that we have more time to help you succeed. We would love to automate the boring stuff for you. Just ask us about building some workflows.

Committed to Transparency

We provide a convenient client portal so you can get updates on the status of your tickets and projects in real time. No need for back and forth and no waiting for a response.

We Love Comanaged

Are you a mature business with inhouse IT staff that you want to keep? We'll work with your team! You can plug into our stack and elevate your environment without displacing your valued staff.

Benefits of VNS Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind

With our Managed IT Services, we take the burden off your shoulders. Our proactive monitoring and round-the-clock support ensure your systems are running smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.


As your business grows, our services scale with you. We provide flexible IT solutions that adapt to your requirements, ensuring that your technology infrastructure aligns with your expanding business goals.

Enhanced Security

Protecting your valuable data and mitigating risks is our top priority. With our robust security measures, including proactive threat detection, data encryption, and disaster recovery strategies, we safeguard your business against potential disruptions.


Say goodbye to unpredictable IT expenses. Our managed services offer cost optimization through efficient resource allocation, proactive maintenance, and strategic planning.

Security & Compliance

Staying up to date on your cybersecurity posture is paramount in today's digital landscape. By maintaining a proactive and vigilant approach, you fortify your organization against cyber threats.
That's where we come in. Don't wait until you suffer a breach and it's too late. Experience a new standard of digital security with VNS.

Cyber Insurance

Get compliant. We'll help.

Cloud Security

Validate your configurations.

Network Auditing

Is your network safe?

Modernize Your Environment

Let us bring your network up to modern standards. We'll scan for vulnerabilities and establish policies that enforce best practices across your environment.

3rd Party Verified

You don't have to take our word for it. We utilize 3rd party audits to make sure we keep your environment air tight.

Do More With VNS Managed Security

Fill Out That Insurance Form

We'll guide you across the finish line. Count on our expert assistance to navigate and simplify the cyber insurance form-filling process, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your business.

Secure Your Remote Employees

We'll give you visibility and peace of mind. No matter how you like to work, we'll keep you safe online.

Educate Your Staff

Our tailored program combines interactive modules and real-world scenarios, ensuring heightened awareness and proactive defense against cyber threats.

Expand Your Horizons

If you can build it, we can secure it. Talk to us about secure network design before you embark on your next big project.